This procedure continues until the player wins, thus recovering all the money that he has lost on all consecutive bets. Once you’ve won, you bet the starting amount again. Also, many casinos have a betting limit, which can easily be exceeded with this system. Interestingly, the greatest contribution to this system was from Joseph Leo Dobb, whose initial motivation for developing this method was to prove how insecure these types of foolproof strategies are.

Although Craps is thought of as a simple game of rolling dice and betting on the outcome, when it comes to betting money, systems and theories of how to change the outcome in favor of the player always come up. Many of these strategies include the “Gambler’s Fallacy”, “Dice Control”, and the popular “Martingale.”

The Martingale

Safe bets on Craps?

There is an unfortunate truth to Craps, and that is that it is a game designed so that the house always has an advantage. Even if you have an indefinite number of consecutive victories, which can happen as in any game of chance, if played until eternity, the player would eventually lose against the house. Even with smaller bets, there is still that risk of losing all the accumulated fortune in a matter of rounds.

However, it is possible to play Craps and get away with it, even in small measures. The first thing the player has to know is when to fold. Every winning streak is destined to die. It is important not to get carried away by the passion of small victories, as they lead to continue pressing a series of bets that will eventually lead to ruin. It is important to never trust yourself, and to know when small gains are enough. Remember: time is the ally of the house. The more rounds of betting you spend at the same table, the more likely you are to lose everything.

And for those looking to satiate their gambling, the best thing to do is have a limit on betting money. This set amount should never be exceeded, even if all games have been lost and it feels like the next game is right.

Basic Baccarat Strategies

Despite the fact that Baccarat is one of the games where strategy seems impossible due to the little rational intervention of the player, there are always systems and ways to control money when it comes to betting.

The most basic thing that a player of this type of game has to know is how to manage his money intelligently, and know the probabilities of the three types of bet. A good Baccarat player knows that in most casinos, they keep 5% of the profits obtained by betting on the bank, and it is known that although the profit is higher if you bet on a tie, the chances that This happens are very low, and the house advantage over the player is one of the highest among all the games of chance in the world.

Therefore, the best thing a player can do is set a limit on the amount of money that they can play with, and never exceed it. Manage your finances wisely, and in no time you’ll be an online Baccarat master.

Popular Baccarat Strategies

There are certain betting systems that serve as Baccarat strategies and that have been passed from player to player, until they became popular around the world. Among them, there is the Martingale, the Labouchère system or the Fibonacci system.

However, one of the most recommended is to bet on a series. That is, if you have a streak where the player’s hand is beating the bank’s, then continue with the streak and do not stop betting on winning. If the streak changes and the bank starts to win, then switch with the bet and bet on the bank. Although this system is not proven, one is on the victor’s side continuously.

The Martingale

Martingale is a betting strategy that works not only in Baccarat, but in all games of chance in the world. It consists of starting by betting an initial amount. For use in this example, let’s say $ 10. If the player loses the first bet, then he will bet double on the next. This will happen whenever the player loses, doubling the last bet made. The moment you win, as you have doubled all the bets, you will get back all the money you have invested. In this way, a 9-loss streak and an ending 10th win will leave the player with the starting amount they started with. And after winning, you will bet the original $ 10 again, repeating the process.

This strategy is especially useful when it comes to Baccarat since, with the exception of the tie bet, the bet payouts are 1: 1; in other words, you win double what you bet. However, the 5% commission that the bank takes when betting on them could eliminate the idea behind this system.

Labouchère system

This system is a variant of the Martingale, also known as “the cancellation system.” For it to work, the player has to write down the amount he wants to win in a game. So you make a list of a number of amounts whose total sum is the money you want to win. The strategy consists of betting the sum of the first number on the list with the last. If the bet is won, both amounts are crossed off the list. If the bet is lost, the lost amount goes to the bottom of the list. That way, you are always betting the lost amount plus the first number on the list; hence the resemblance to the Martingale. When the desired amount to win has been obtained and all the numbers on the list are crossed out, the system will have worked.

Fibonacci system

Although this system is closely related to the type of “double or nothing” bet on which the Martingale is based, it is not an exact system where the bet is multiplied by two if you lose.

The system is based on the Fibonacci sequence: a chain of natural numbers that starts with 0 and 1. Then, as the last two numbers are 1 and 1, the next will be the sum of these, which is 2, and so on. This is how this betting system is not a multiplication of two, but a sum following this sequence.

The bet then consists of betting the next number in the Fibonacci series each time it is lost. In this way, by winning everything that has been lost is recovered. Once it is won, the player then goes back two numbers in the series, in order to balance the victories.

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