Items like food, shows, and family entertainment help attract customers, but the real emphasis is on feeding the casino’s cash cow.

Here are a series of strategies that will help you identify the type of marketing that you can use according to your area

Winners and Testimonials

An emotionally winning marketing tactic happens when a casino, like, displays photographs and often quotes of its big winners. These often appear in local media advertisements, signaling that such luck can be found by anyone who sets foot in that casino.

Population segments

Casinos are always trying to retain their customer base and reach segments of the population that they normally do not attract. If a casino attracts a large number of tourists, you can try to capture customers who live in the area.

If the management tries to get more out of the local market, people who live in the area can get a discount on strategic alliance rooms that a casino can do.

Employees provide a strong but underrated customer base, and a casino can make games easier for them, such as offering cash advances on their paychecks.

Floor layout

The location of the machines and tables segregates the casino floor into sections, and a tour can reveal a lot about the type of customer the casino is trying to attract.

Casino management assumes that one type of customer plays the “low-denomination” slot machines and a different segment goes to the larger tables and machines.

Hidden “low denomination” machines in a back corner indicate that the casino places less emphasis on smaller bettors, and is hoping they will stop at a higher stakes machine on the way to the corner where the odds are. machines that usually play.


The casino may offer bonuses for the use of player membership cards, including extra payments, free drinks and meals. These cards also track customer gambling habits, just like a retail discount card.

Thus, casinos play between marketing decisions to decide when to play with the local population or attract foreigners to their casinos, all according to their area.

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